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Christmas Spiced Oat Milk

Christmas Spiced Oat Milk

There’s not a lot to say about oat milk…its pretty easy to make and its a great alternative to cows milk if you can’t have dairy or you’re just trying to cut down on it. Unlike nut milks (which are delicious and can in fact be made the same way) oat milk is very cheap and lower in fat. I find it works great in smoothies and cereal but I prefer nut milks in my coffee….otherwise your morning coffee tastes a bit like coffee flavoured porridge and there’s something not quite right about that.

2 cups oats

5 cups water

a pinch of salt

1 cinnamon stick

a pinch of nutmeg (fresh if possible)

3 clovesHHM photography

First, soak the oats in a jug or bowl overnight, make sure they are covered by about twice as much water as you have oats (this is not a precise recipe!). In the morning rinse them off in a colander/sieve and blitz them up in the blender/food processor/smoothie maker/whatever you have with a pinch of salt for a few minutes. You’ll end up with a pulpy milk that looks really quite unappetising… This pulpiness needs to be strained through a cheesecloth. Squeeze out the last of the milk by wringing out the cheese cloth pulp ball. Put the liquid back in the fridge with the spices and leave it for a few hours to infuse the flavours. This is a particularly delicious milk when used in my Raw Vegan Choco-shake – coming up next! Thanks to the Green Kitchen for teaching me how to make oat/nut milks!

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