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Winter Spiced Bircher Muesli

I think bircher muesli is perhaps meant for the summer, as its a cold porridge, but since moving back to a country that actually has seasons I’m still getting the hang of eating appropriately. When I was at uni in Scotland I only had a few weeks of winter before I would escape back to my tropical island for the Christmas break. Our house in Scotland was not well heated and I spent most of my time using the toaster as gloves and balancing as many hot water bottles on my person as I could. I wouldn’t recommend eating bircher muesli there. However in Kent the winter has been much milder and the house has 21st century heating that actually works, so this made a pretty good winter breakfast! PicMonkey winterscene I cheated here and used my mums muesli – she fills it with oats, nuts, coconut flakes and raisins, so half my work was already done. I added some raw buckwheat groats and soaked it in almond milk with a pinch of nutmeg, a cinnamon stick overnight and then topped it with grated apple, blueberries, goji berries, honey and cacao nibs. There’s no real recipe needed, as the amounts are up to you. Just make sure you cover the oats and buckwheat with twice as much liquid to soak in overnight. The nuts and berries can all be added the next day, but I recommend adding some spices the night before.

berries winter Berrieswinter

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