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Creamy Raw Chocolate Milkshake

I found my first raw-chocolate milkshake at the Good Life Eatery in London. They called theirs the ‘Choc-Norris.’ I tried hard, but couldn’t think of a name half as good.

Oatmilks and nut milks don’t last too long, I don’t keep them for more than about 3 days. I usually make much more than I need and turn the last of it into smoothies. So this is a useful one for a healthy breakfast that doesn’t taste virtuous at all! It’s especially nice if you have spiced your oat or nut milk beforehand with cinnamon sticks, vanilla, nutmeg or some such thing.

HHM photography

You’ll find the result is surprisingly satisfying, considering its raw vegan, which doesn’t tend to make you think of indulgent treats… But really! Look how thick and bubbly and smooth and chocolatey that goodness is!

2 cups of oatmilk (or any other nut or dairy milk)

2 tbsp raw cacao nibs (for a crunchy texture) or ground cacao nibs if you like it smoother

1 tsp agave or honey

2 medjool dates

1 frozen banana (peel, slice and freeze the night before)

2 tbsp hazelnut butter (or almond/cashew)

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon


It’s pretty straight forward – put all the ingredients into a blender or smoothie maker and mix it up until its smooth! The measurements are really up to you, if you want it more chocolatey add more cacao, if its not sweet enough add more agave/honey or another date, if your blender is choking and can’t handle how tasty it is…it probably needs more liquid.

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